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At Yellow Brick Physical Therapy, we help active people stay fit, healthy, and mobile while avoiding medications, injections, and surgery. We help people who have tried "everything", are tired of risky or short-term quick fixes, and want a thorough, holistic, long-term solution!

The human body- YOUR body- is such a fascinating system of systems! It is also amazingly capable of healing itself. IF we know what to do to help it. All we have to do is allow it to do what it does naturally. And then follow a clear path to health. This may sound simple, and yet it takes great courage to look at the reality of a difficult situation and to decide to do something about it for the better. While it may sound stressful to be at the start of a process, I believe it is always best to start at the beginning.

Image by Sheelah Brennan


We are a little bit East meets West in that we have all of the traditional knowledge in western medicine and we also take a more holistic integrative approach to caring for our patients. We are different from your average Physical Therapy clinic in 3 main ways:


1. We always treat the nerve first. This is important because nerves control muscles and muscles attach to bones, so without treating the nerve you can’t get long-term change in your body’s patterns and you instead get limited short-term results.


2. We look at the whole body to get to the root cause of the problem, instead of just treating symptoms (where it hurts). When we get to the root cause of your problem, you don’t just get pain relief, you get long-term freedom of movement PLUS pain relief in all of the areas that are part of the problem thus preventing bigger problems/injuries in the future- it is all connected.


3. We help you form the simple habits and understanding that you need to keep you healthy and injury-free long-term, without adding stress or over-complication. It’s important to us that you know how to sustain your health and wellness long past our time together, so part of what happens along your journey is that YOU become independent and empowered in your own abilities to stay healthy and active and injury-free long-term. Simple as that!


The yellow brick road depicts the path, the journey we are all on, whether in recovering from an injury or training for a sporting event or following the winding path of life itself. Where you are the hero of your own journey, one full of twists and turns, where you might even face “wicked” parts of yourself, and many flying monkeys (aka. distractions). The Wizard of Oz is my favorite myth (per Joseph Campbell’s delineation of “The Hero’s Journey”) because of the transition from gray to bright and cheerful technicolor, a juxtaposition of the transformation Dorothy experiences as she follows the Yellow Brick Road, whereby facing obstacles, helping others, receiving assistance from allies, and realizing that home, her inner home, is all she really needs, she transforms along the way.


The journey is the transformation.


Similarly, the healing process, just like any process, is a journey in which you have the opportunity to transform. Where the yellow path depicts the journey filled with joy and spontaneity, the trees represent the green of nature, compassion of the heart, and unfolding proliferation, in other words, the greening of a gray and lifeless state (pain and frustration) to one of living into your full potential (movement and aliveness). The trees also represent the 3 friends Dorothy meets on her journey- and those requirements for growth that we all always have within us along the way, even if we think we haven’t got any- your brains, your heart, and your courage.


You don't have to keep trying to figure this out on your own. Let's set up a phone call and discuss your goals and we can show you exactly how we can help you.

"I went to see Lara Johnson because of nerve pain in my elbows, lower back, and right SI joint. I was skeptical at first that her ice regimen would help these things, but was very pleasantly surprised. The icing schedule, in conjunction with her techniques for helping my psoas muscle release, ended up largely taking care of all my symptoms.  The procedure she used to release muscle fibers was occasionally painful but very effective. I found her treatment very successful and have recommended her to my friends who have problems with their lower backs and necks. Lara was also very good at explaining the theory behind why the various treatments work."


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