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I'm on a journey to help as many people as possible experience sustained freedom of movement with confidence and ease.


Lara earned her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Hastings College in Hastings, NE, followed immediately by her M.S. in Health and Exercise Science from Wake Forest University, with a Master’s thesis emphasis in Health Behavior. She was then the Research Coordinator for an NIH/NIDA-funded smoking cessation through exercise study at Boston University Medical Center and Harvard Medical. She then earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA, later specializing in outpatient spine and hands-on neuromuscular techniques. Throughout her entire process of education, Lara trained for and competed in events from the 800m to the marathon.

Lara founded Yellow Brick PT because she loves seeing people fully heal from the pain and frustration of injuries so they can stay healthy and active long-term. She loves working with people one-on-one for full hour-long sessions so that both she and her patients can be fully present, undistracted, and in a calm and healing environment. This is what she would want for herself and her mom and dad if they were on the table, so they could be taken care of in the best way possible. Additionally, she teaches fitness and yoga classes, leads Running with the Mind of Meditation retreats, is an ambassador for Go Far Shop, and hosts a FB live show SuperSoul Boulder every Monday evening at 6 (8EST). She continues to run, swim, lift weights, bike, dance, and be active as a lifestyle, and practice meditation, inquiry, and self-discovery also as a lifestyle. She runs with mindful runners and sees family and loved ones as often as possible.

She is on a journey to help thousands of people live to their full potential both inside and out.




We can help you with any condition where you have pain, tightness, numbness/tingling, difficulty moving, or limited ability to do your normal daily exercise, and activities.



We offer a variety of online Physical Therapy programs to help you with multiple times of issues that could be keeping you from your normal daily exercise and activities.

"I had extremely painful spinal stenosis that an MRI showed was caused by two spinal discs protruding into the spinal canal. Two doctors told me that I would need surgery. A third young doctor suggested that I see Lara Johnson, who does things differently than most physical therapists. Working with Lara over a period of months the pain gradually decreased and I am now pain-free! Lara understands the human body well and specifies treatment and exercises that are specific to each person. I feel very fortunate that I was able to avoid surgery."


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